Thursday, March 29, 2007!

Most days I am SO thankful for all of the wonderful technological advances that help me do my fabulous job even more fabulously (made up word?).....but today I'm feeling grouchy towards technology. :)

I am currently having problems with my website and email - I have no access at all to my emails and for some reason, I cannot access my website from my PC, Mac, or my husband's PC. So, if you've tried to email me and have not gotten an answer from me in the last couple of days, you may want to re-send your email to my other address: Of course, you can always call me, too! :)

My "web dude" (as I like to call him!) knows about these issues and is working on them.

Thanks for understanding!



Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gabe & Jessica's Wedding

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of taking pictures at Gabe and Jessica's Wedding. At one point I turned to Jess and told her that I didn't know what I was going to do after I was finished photographing her wedding - I told her that I may have Jess and Gabe withdraws and that we may need to go get coffee sometime or something! :) Basically, I really love this couple - they are so sweet and so fun to be around. Darcy and I had a great time photographing their wedding! Their guests were wonderful and we got lots of really incredible moments.

Both the wedding and reception were at First Baptist Church downtown. This was also the flower girl's birthday, so the even had a birthday cake just for her - it was so cute! Hope you all love these pictures - it was fun spending this very special day with you!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jess needs just a little something! :)

My sweet, lovely bride from Saturday's wedding, Jessica, has notified me that she has had a hot finger on her "refresh" button all day - hoping I will put some pics up on the blog! Well, I have been literally editing her pics all day long and they are really REALLY really really great. I told her I would have a few up tonight.....but I'll have the rest of the previews up tomorrow. :) However, I can't leave her with nothing, so I'll give her (and you all) and very very very small sample - more to come tomorrow - I promise!


Monday, March 26, 2007

The Power of Words

I am so amazed how often someone says something that stops me dead in my tracks and challenges me to really think about the way I live and to live better.

Our friend is living and working overseas right now in a place where there are hundreds of homeless kids living on the streets with no place to go. She is living with, teaching, learning from, and loving these kids everyday. She is a huge hero to me....I am so proud of her and so proud to call her a friend.

She sends us updates about what has been going on there and how we can pray for her each month. Many of you know that I am a follower of Jesus - that I love him and I believe he is who I should model my life after. Please know that if you are not a Christian, I'm not trying to preach at you or make you be one. :) I'm just sharing a quote that spoke to me hopes that it will bless and encourage some of you.

This is an excerpt from her email:

" 'When we leave the village and get rich we do not forget our friends', explained my friend as we walked around her little Javanese village last month. 'We Javanese learn from the rice. The taller and more fruitful the rice gets, the lower down it bends.' After this comment, I was quiet for a moment and thought about the profound wisdom of this statement then said slowly as I received the revelation, Jesus was like that. He was the highest anyone could ever be- He was God, but he lowered himself to the lowest place. I love Jesus. I love that he did that for me."


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shannon's Senior Pics

Today I met Shannon and her lovely mom at Zilker Botanical Gardens for some awesome senior portraits - it was such a wonderful experience! First of all, Shannon is so sweet, beautiful and full of life. Second, her mom is the COOLEST in the world! We three had so much fun and really enjoyed getting some great pictures. Shannon has received a college scholarship to play soccer - way to go, lady! :)
Here's a small sampling of what we got!