Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jess needs just a little something! :)

My sweet, lovely bride from Saturday's wedding, Jessica, has notified me that she has had a hot finger on her "refresh" button all day - hoping I will put some pics up on the blog! Well, I have been literally editing her pics all day long and they are really REALLY really really great. I told her I would have a few up tonight.....but I'll have the rest of the previews up tomorrow. :) However, I can't leave her with nothing, so I'll give her (and you all) and very very very small sample - more to come tomorrow - I promise!


Lady Adie said...

And if I haven't had my finger on the refresh button every day since the wedding! I know it takes time to edit the pictures, but I am so excited to get a taste of the captured moments! These already look fabulous! Looking forward to the rest tomorrow! Adrianne- Jessica's sister

Stacy Cross said...

Haha - yall are SO cute! : ) I promise MANY more tomorrow ....as a matter of fact, my computer is sitting here working on saving all of my changes! Believe me, I cannot wait for yall to see them!

Jessica said...

Im glad im not the only one excited! Thank you Stacy for posting a little for me to look at. Can't wait to see some more!

lkmr said...

Oh boy! They're on their way! I showed the preview pix to my pals at work, and now they're waiting as anxiously as the rest of us to relive the day with your beautiful pictures. Once again, great job.

Many many thanks, Stacy,

Linda (stepmom)