Saturday, February 02, 2008

Greg & Anne: Engaged!

Aaaggghhh! These two are SO cute!!!

I had so much fun spending time with Greg and Anne yesterday. These two are incredibly down-to-earth and fun to be around. I love it when I get to work with people that I would want to be friends with anyway - how cool is that?!

Look at 'em. :)

Greg is a firefighter, so of course we had to get some picture at the fire station. I think they looked pretty smokin' (no pun intended!) in front of this fire truck. ; )

My favorite:


katy said...

What a gorgeous couple! I love the shots where you caught her laughing, such a great moment!

E said...

Stacy.. these are wonderful

David Bornais said...

WOW !!! They are so beautiful !!! Greg and Anne and of course, the pictures. I follow you and your work since 6 month from France and I always wanted to tell you, congratulations :) I think it's the best time to tell you that because this engagement session is so great.

Bravo !!!
David from France

Jennifer said...

These are gorgeous! Cute couple, awesome pics!

Jennie (Hinton) Whitaker said...

Anne was a DG with me...I think she was a few years younger? She is SO beautiful in these pictures! I hope you're shooting her wedding!!! :) I love looking at your blog Stacy. Good work, as usual!

Chris+Lynn said...

Inside the fire hall - now that is fun!Like the tree + flare shots too!