Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jason and Cheryl's Wedding

Last Saturday was a very special day. While you were enjoying a movie or nice dinner with friends, Stan and I were at the rockin-est party of the night: Cheryl & Jason's Wedding! Hooray!

They had an incredibly beautiful and classy event beginning with a lovely ceremony at University Christian Church and a killer reception at the University of Texas Union Ballroom. Every detail was beautifully chosen and every moment of the day was gracefully coordinated by Kathie Millen and her crew from Austin Wedding Planners. Here are a few of my favorites from their day.

I LOVE this moment - Cheryl's dad giving her away

Their cake was about 20 feet tall and truly breathtaking. When I find out who the baker was, I'll share because Stan tells me that the cake tasted incredible. Sadly, cake is not on Stacy's diet. :(

Cheryl's grandpa gave a very sweet toast. Grandpa and Grandma just celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary and are basically as cute as could be!

One of my favorite things about having Stan shooting with me is the fact that when I get home and upload his pictures, I have no idea what I'm going to get. It's little surprises like this image that make me smile. :)

FYI - this is the groom's DAD dancing with a bridesmaid. Nice.

I love the classic feel of this image from their exit!


Courtney Sprague said...

These are too sweet, Stacy! I love all the fun in the dancing shots!

Megan said...

I really like the shot through the cross-shaped window. Neato!

E said...

looks like it was just lovely

janellen said...

OMG Stacy!! How cute!! Could I look any fatter in the pics? Theres no magic slimming device..just kidding. U have to do our family portraits! U captured their happiness so well!

Dean Ray said...

super sharp images, i love how your fotogs are sooo big, sweeettt!! beautiful moments in time, dean

jason campbell said...

Beautiful wedding pictures. Great job!

J.T. Campbell said...

Beautiful wedding pictures. Great job!