Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Studying allllllllll day.

Hey Friends -

It's very seldom that I get a WHOLE day to sit at a coffee shop and knock out a ton of studying - it's SO great! Some of you may not know that I'm in Nursing school, but I am and I'm really loving it. I have a phenomenal teacher this semester and I'm really enjoying my clinicals. Anyway, my dear friend Kim is meeting me here today and we're going to study until our brains fall off. :)

One thing that my clients are always surprised by is how quickly I'm able to edit their pictures and send them to them. Well, little tid-bit about me: I cannot start something else without finishing the first thing I did. Really. It's totally crazy. So, if I know I have a wedding this weekend, but I have yet to edit some pics from a portrait session, I make myself finish editing those before I shoot the wedding - that's how I'm able to get things done so quickly - I HAVE to! AND, for example, right at this moment I have NO editing to do because I knew I'd be studying all day today and I wanted to finish all of my editing so that I could really concentrate on my work today.....yay! I've come to the point in my life where my crazy ways are really really useful - I knew I'd get here! :)


Oh, PS - If you live in Austin and haven't been to Austin Java, this is my official "It is so so so so great" plug for this place! I'm sitting here as I write and I'm enjoying their free Wi-Fi and bottomless cup of coffee for $ 2.29 (now you know why this post is so long - I'm totally wired!)and later I will be having some awesome lunch off of their very extensive menu. Everything I've ever gotten to eat here has been fabulous and they have tons of healthy options! Anyway, you should defintely check it out!


stan said...

To all SCP Blog readers: I can testify to Stacy having to finish work completely before starting something else. She is impossible to distract when she's editing pictures; there is nothing she wants to do more than finish editing!

I often bring her sandwiches and drinks while periodically checking to make sure she hasn't clicked her poor mouse to death. Anyway, it's good for the customers, and good for me and Buddy's quality time.

- Stan