Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know that there have to be a lot of great husbands out there....but mine really is the best. Stan is the most kind, loving, intelligent, handsome, fun, silly, and giving person I've ever known - I completely got the jackpot when I married him! There is literally nobody on earth that I'd rather be around.....and nobody who could ever love me like he does. He's incredible.

Here's the flowers he got me today:

And the Rascal Flatts CD's I am SO pumped about (I love them!)

And here's the stud in his wrist guards that he is supposed to wear as often as possible for his tendonitis (carpal tunnel, in my opinion). :)

Part of the fun thing about being a married lady AND a wedding photographer is that I understand the depth of what my brides and grooms are embarking on - and it's still special everytime I get to witness that in someone's life. When Stan and I shoot together, there's always a moment during the ceremony when we look at each other and smile.....I think it's our little way of remembering our own committment - and how thankful we are that we made it!

Stan, I love you with all my heart - Happy Valentine's Day!


stan said...

I've got to say, this was, by far, the best Valentine's Day I've ever had. And I still maintain that it's not a Hallmark holiday if you don't shop at Hallmark.

Stacy, I love you. I think you're amazingly talented and wonderful. You are the absolute zenith of my love and affection.

Stan (++?)

stan said...

Oh, and I love the turkey-neck in my picture. For those who might be concerned, don't blame Stacy for that one. When I'm the talent you're working with, even Photoshop can't help sometimes!