Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kevin and Misty

Another Engagement session - YAY! :) I LOVE shooting engagement sessions! It's such a fun opportunity for me and my brides and grooms to get together and have fun taking some killer photos before their wedding day. Kevin and Misty were wonderful and though they say they're not photogenic, nothing makes you look good in pictures like being in love! And that they are. :) Here are some pics from their session today.


Anonymous said...

I love the photos and how relaxed we look. I seem to be laughing in almost every single one. I can't believe how pretty some of the back alley shots look. Thanks for making it so much fun. The pictures are awesome!

Stacy Cross said...

Misty - you two were absolutely incredible together - the chemistry is so amazing! It was MY pleasure to take these pictures and I really cannot wait to get some great shots at your wedding. :)